mardi 29 janvier 2008

Turkish PM Erdogan: “We Got The Immorality From The West”

Then why join the EU, Erdogan?
"PM Erdogan: 'We Got The Immorality From The West,'” from the MEMRI Blog
In his speech to Turkish graduate students going to study abroad, Erdogan made some controversial remarks that met with strong reactions in Turkey’s mainstream media. Erdogan said, “The poet who penned Turkish national anthem [the Islamist Mehmet Akif Ersoy] said that we should compete with art and science of the West; but unfortunately we adopted the West’s immoralities that are contrary to our values”.
He added that Turkey would continue sending students abroad for graduate studies for them to [learn and] compete in order to reach beyond the art and science of the West and asked the students to come back after their studies and work in Turkey.
The PM’s remarks were questioned by the media that asked what he meant by “the West’s immoralities”, whether or not he was talking about Western women not being covered, and how Turkey could become a EU member when the PM thought the West was “immoral”.
Source: Sabah, Cumhuriyet, Turkey, January 25, 2008

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