jeudi 7 février 2008

Norway: Jihadists recruiting local Muslims for jihad overseas

"Extremists target local youth," from Aftenposten :

The head of Norway's intelligence and security agency believes young Norwegian muslims are being targeted by militant extremists to carry out terrorist attacks and holy war overseas.
Jørn Holme, Norway's boss for spies and bodyguards, is convinced Muslim extremists are trying to recruit youth in Norway for terrorist operations overseas.

Jørn Holme, chief of The Norwegian Police Security Service (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste PST), confirmed for the first time on Monday that active recruiting efforts are being carried out by older, militant extremists in Norway. [...]

"We've had reports about older, manipulative Islamic extremists here in the country, who have tried to motivate youth to take part in jihad (holy war) attacks abroad," he told Aftenposten. He said PST is taking the reports seriously. [...]

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