samedi 4 février 2012

Many Arabic maps include all of Jerusalem in Israel

Arabic media are reporting that Joseph Khouzam, an official for the Cairo International Book Fair, has confiscated a number of atlases distributed via Europe, including from National Geographic, showed Israel taking land away from "Palestine." He then "adjusted" the maps to be presumably more accurate.

Apparently, these books were in English, although it is hard to say from the articles. The articles themselves are all illustrated with a detail from an Arabic map of the area. That map seems to come from Wikipedia.

This specific map can be seen on dozens of Arabic sites.

And it includes all of greater Jerusalem, as defined by Israel, on the Israeli side!

It seems that many Arab websites just took the map from Wikipedia and posted it on their sites, without even noticing that the supposed capital of Palestine - so important to them, we are told - is depicted as being fully within Israel!

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